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The name Idrissa means immortal - celebrated through all time - and so the collection celebrates the timeless values of elegance and minimalism, bold, beautiful design statements with tantalizing flashes of diamonds and the rich luster of precious metal.

JEMILY abstracts and abundantly jewels the shape of the Narcissus flower recognized around the world not only a sign of winter’s end yet also seen as a lucky emblem of future prosperity.

JEMILY takes tradition and reinvents it, modernizing a symbol, an exquisite emblem of nature, the Fleur de Lis, here intricately linked with diamonds like dazzling drops of dew.

The pure elegance of modern geometry inspires Catherine Marion's Geometria Collection for JEMILY: the play of straight vs. curved lines, angles juxtaposed with oblongs and circles both smooth and jagged-edged.

Scintillating diamond shapes in 18kt gold, sparked with Ruby Red Rubellite or Emerald Green Sapphires (other colored stones as brilliant as a Harlequin’s costume), find their inspiration in the vivid colors and playful romance of the Commedia Dell’Arte Harlequinade pantomime, so popular with royals and everyday people centuries ago. Like Harlequin himself the earrings are light-hearted, nimble, and ready to capture love. Expressing wit and whimsy, precious and semi-precious stones alternate with fascinating rhythm, diamonds catching the eye as if playing a sexy game of hide and seek. Gorgeous glints illuminate facets of the golden geometry as textures contrast - satin and bright.

Dragonflies dart, twist, turn, change direction and even fly backwards all while moving it seems as fast as light. And so does this collection seek to capture refracted light in varied shimmering colors as cool and languid as the water that draws near these magical demoiselles as the beautiful dragonflies found near fast flowing water are known. Precious and semi-precious stones set with diamonds in 18kt gold invite the eye to take flight following the delicate arc of the Demoiselle design.